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A simple solution for a
complex process

We offer you a specialized consultant team to perform the migration from your local data center to Atlassian Cloud.

Our services contemplate all the stages of the migration: Assessment, Plan, Preparation, Testing, Migration and Launch.

With our solution you can reduce costs, time and your developers team can focus on other important projects of your company.


Reasons for Migration with Voomox

Why should you run the migration process with us?
There are plenty of good reasons, including:

Time Saving

You and your developer team will save up to one workday per week, where you can focus on other important projects of your company.

Full Support

Our consultant team gives all the support you need in each migration phases: Assessment, Planning, Preparation, Testing, Migration, Launch.

Faster And
Simple Way

The Voomox team is 100% focused on each client process allowing it to be completed in a faster, efficient and simple way.


Process and Steps for Jira Cloud Migation

Migrating to Jira cloud involves several steps, including:


1. Assessment

Our consultant team will conduct an initial analysis of your current environment and identify what do you need to migrate and potential issues that may arise during the migration process.


2. Preparation

Alongside with you, we will prepare your Jira for migration, including backup and archiving of data, configuring your cloud instance, and establishing user accounts.


3. Migration

Our team will procede with the actual migration of data and applications to the cloud environment.


4. Verification

Voomox will ensure that all data and functionality is working as intended and safely in the new environment.

FKey Challenges and Risks of Jira Cloud Migration

Migrating to Jira cloud is not without risk.
Some of the key challenges you may encounter include:

  • Data Loss/Corruption
  • Unexpected Downtime
  • Integration Issues
  • Performance Problems

Fortunately, our specialized consultant team will carefully plan so these risks can be managed and mitigated.

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Post-Migration Considerations and Follow-up

Migrating to Jira cloud is just the beginning. After the fact, you’ll need to consider things like:

  • Training your team on new features and workflows
  • Monitoringperformance and identifying potential issues
  • Continuously optimizing your Jira environment for maximum productivity

Don’t neglect these critical follow-up activities!